Wondering what it means to hire a “Virtual Marketing Team” (VMT)?

It means having an entire Marketing Team, 

without the expense of a full-time employee.

Our Marketing Professionals have the responsibility of getting your branding, image and marketing-related efforts created and automated and we do that work for you, with you and through your existing employee team.

Here’s how the process works when you are selected as a “VMT” client:

  • We get to know you and what’s important to you as a business owner.

  • We draft a foundational marketing plan for your business that we’ll use to express and build your brand.

  • We meet with your team and introduce them to the new vision.

  • We interview your team to discover where inefficiencies are hiding.

  • We implement a mutually agreed upon marketing plan that makes sense for your team and finalize the plan with you.

  • We begin defining key performance metrics and essential ROI points.

  • That’s it! While we are working with you, we are considered your extended team, dedicated to your success. We'll represent your goals to your team the same way an in-house Marketing Manager and/or employee would advocate for and defend the goals of the business. You get over 10 years of marketing experience focused on your company with dramatic results.

To begin the process, please answer the form below to the best of your abilities. You will receive a response in 24 to 48 hours.

Thank you for your submission! Please allow 24-48 hours for a response. Feel free to email contact@unboxedbrands.com with any addtional questions or concerns.